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When you think of Orlando, FL what is the first thing that comes to mind? Theme parks, right? Of course! Sunny weather and most likely, that 86 year old, big eared, infectiously happy guy named Mickey Mouse. For me, Orlando means all things pet!  And when I say “all things” I mean Global Pet Expo with over 289,000 square feet of exhibit space holding thousands of pet products. To put that in perspective, one American football field is 57,600 square feet. This tradeshow is 5x the size!

Jenn in the Dog House at Global Pet Expo

Jenn in the Dog House at Global Pet Expo



Out of the thousands of products at the show (3,000 were newly launched) here are ten of my most favorite:



Green Pups by Bags on Board Global Pet Expo

Green Pups by Bags on Board
Global Pet Expo

Green Pups– You probably have heard of Bags on Board– the company known for its economical poop bags and holders. This summer, they will make available their environmentally conscious waste pick-up bags made with lignin, a natural, renewable resource left over in the papermaking industry (it is typically burned or disposed of).Think of lignin as the glue in trees and plants that makes them “woody”.

Green Pups are not made with corn therefor eliminating the need for resources to grow and harvest the crop and are guaranteed leak-proof. And, the scent of the bags is nice! Not flowery or fruity but, well, kind of earthy. I look forward to seeing these bags on the market this summer. Not sure of the price but I bet they will be affordable. P.S. you won’t find Green Pups on the Bags on Board website just yet!

Tea for Spot at Global Pet Expo

Tea for Spot at Global Pet Expo


Tea for Spot– Tea for two? What if “tea time” meant you and your dog? I found this special treat not only adorable but functional. It is hydration for your dog that is filled with natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

Simply steep Tea for Spot a few minutes and serve warm or cold. Add to food, your pup’s water bowl or serve alone- they even sell doggy sized tea cups! I plan to try “Leaps and Bounds” for my boys to further support their hips and joints. Will let you know what I think when I do!  Retail price: $9.95 for a can of 20 bags.

Pet Acoustics at Global Pet Expo

Pet Acoustics at Global Pet Expo

Pet Acoustics– cats, dogs, horses and even kids have better hearing than the adult human. Cats have three times more acute hearing than we do. In comes Janet Marlow, founder of Pet Acoustics, who researched animal hearing and developed music tailored to our pets’ audio frequency range. Pretty cool, huh? The tunes are sold preloaded in a Bluetooth speaker. Retail price: $54.95. And soon, the “Ultra Calmer Collar Device” will be on the market, so your pet can carry their tunes with them wherever they roam! This just might be in my Chico’s future.

Puppy Scoops at Global Pet Expo

Puppy Scoops at Global Pet Expo

Puppy Cake– is cake mix for dogs! Each box of mix comes complete with the frosting too. Smart and the ingredients are all natural! Their new product launch at Global Pet Expo was Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for dogs. The ice cream contains natural ingredients, is lactose free and is simple to use. Just add water, stir and freeze.

I like these products because they use good ingredients and most importantly they are a great family friendly activity. My preschooler will love indulging his “brothers” very soon. Retail price: $6.99 for the cake mix or ice cream.

Dogs Love Kale at Global Pet Expo

Dogs Love Kale at Global Pet Expo

Dogs Love Kale– kale is one of the “it” super foods right now, so why not in a dog treat? Dogs Love Kale offers five flavors of low gluten, limited ingredient treats and are available online and in stores nationwide. My dogs, Abe and Chico, do love their greens and I occasionally mix them in their food. So, we will definitely be product testing these. Retail price: $6.99.

Voyce at Global Pet Expo

Voyce at Global Pet Expo- Abe’s Profile

Voyce– is a health and wellness monitor for your dog. Out of all of the products I am talking about in this article, Voyce is one of the only ones I have tried with my dogs (so far). Specifically, my dog Abe.

It is a monitor worn around the dog’s neck that measures resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, activity, rest, calories burned. Each member has a portal on the Voyce website where you view your dog’s vitals, set goals, store medical records and have access to exclusive content from leading experts in the pet industry.

When you consider that dogs age 10x faster than we do and their diseases progress 8x faster, this simple device can be a very early indicator of a health change. I am addicted J (Check out Abe and I on the morning news in Orlando, FL talking about Voyce) Retail price: $299 for the unit and $9.95 a month

Petcha at Global Pet Expo

Petcha at Global Pet Expo

Petcha– a new website to find your next FUREVER love. Petcha pulls available pet profiles from rescue organizations, shelters, breeders and has easy search tools to help narrow your choices. The site contains articles and videos to help us become better pet parents and also houses breed information to help future pet parents make informed choices. I like the concept. Petcha is free to join.

Fresh Patch at Global Pet Expo

Fresh Patch at Global Pet Expo

Fresh Patch-imagine having a real patch of grass in your home for your pet to do “his business” when necessary. This patch of grass absorbs urine and odor, can be replaced without a shipping fee once a week, bi weekly or monthly and is hydroponically grown in Florida.

I find this idea more appealing than a wee wee pad or fake grass and with all of the monthly subscription boxes on the market today, why not a fresh patch of grass?

Fresh Patch was designed for dogs 25lb and under but they now offer an XL patch for the bigger boys (and girls). Their website offers “how to’s” and training tips and also has a video of their appearance on Shark Tank! Retail price: starts at $29 for monthly delivery.

DogTread at Global Pet Expo

DogTread at Global Pet Expo

DogTread–  this company takes a healthy canine lifestyle to a whole new level with their patented dog treadmills, exercise vests, agility kits and K9 gym gear galore. I love what this company is doing for K9 fitness.

The benefits of exercising our dogs are many: boosts brain activity, improves behavior, controls weight, slows aging, strengthens bones, prevents disease and much more.

The DogTread website provides tutorials and examples of how to use the equipment correctly. You can even become a Master Trainer at one of their upcoming three day sessions. I plan to attend one of these later in the year in Orlando. Join me!

Retail price: varies based on equipment purchased.

Dog is Good at Global Pet Expo

Dog is Good at Global Pet Expo

Dog is Good– possibly my favorite products for people who love their pets. I personally have multiple t-shirts and mugs and have bought Dog is Good products for my friends. Although, I didn’t forget to have kids (almost and snuck one in at the 11th hour) I think the bag above is hilarious and  know many many people who resonate with this sarcastic picture! Dog is Good is just plain good for the soul! Retail price: varies.

This is my Global Pet Expo product wrap up! There are so many more unique and innovative products on the market and I will share more with you in future articles. What I really want to do, is take you with me to the expo next year. I know it will be your Disney Wold too.

Please let me know if you come across a product that you really like and your dog or cat just can’t live without!

Enjoy your pets!






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