Noelle Priolo- Pack Mom and Go Red Spokeswoman

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Go Red Noelle and Gianna

Go Red for Women Passion Speaker Noelle Priolo and Gianna


In February of 2013, I introduced you to fellow Pack Mom, Noelle Priolo, her pack and her mission to raise awareness for women’s heart health- specifically, Peripartum Cardiomyopothy PPCM (pregnancy related heart failure). See our first interview with Noelle here.

Two years have passed and we are again in February, Women’s Heart Awareness Month. This year, Noelle is leading the “Go Red” charge in Chicago! See her interview with a local news station here!

We are so inspired by this Pack Mom!

I caught up with Noelle recently and am honored to share her update:

Go Red

Go Red

Noelle Priolo:

Dedicated Pack Mom, Wife, American Heart Association Advocate, Go Red For Women (GRFW) Ambassador, Go Red For Women Passion Speaker and 2015 Chicago’s Featured Survivor (fondly nicknamed 2015 Mrs. Go Red).

About Noelle

Noelle’s full time job remains the same: being a stay-at-home mom for her little princess, Gianna, her four-legged son, Luca, and a doting wife to husband Sam.  Her dedication to the American Heart Association runs deep. As you might remember, when her daughter was born, Noelle went through pregnancy-related heart failure (Peripartum Cardiomyopothy PPCM). Since her recovery, Noelle has been dedicated to volunteering for the American Heart Association and raising awareness for heart disease in women.

Noelle continues to run– a website dedicated to spreading awareness about Peripartum Cardiomyopothy (PPCM). The site was founded by Jeanee Andrewartha and the two women have made the site the #1 website for PPCM awareness.

Noelle’s other American Heart Association projects include attending Go Red For Women Ambassador meetings 6 times a year, fundraising, rallying schools, companies and  churches for Go Red month in February. Noelle has many events on the horizon as she is the  2015 featured Go Red Survivor. Her goal is to spread awareness on the leading cause of death for all women- Heart Disease.

Noelle encourages all of us to listen to our bodies, challenge our doctors and be an advocate for our own healthcare.  Email her at: or on twitter @noelleGoRed.

Go Red

Go Red

Q&A with Noelle

PM:  Who’s in your pack?

Noelle:  Luca, our 4 lb Yorkie, Gianna who is 4.5 years old and husband Sam.  G is closer than ever to Luca and is starting to help care for him. Examples- filling his food and water dish, taking him out for potty breaks, helping with bath time and overall being each other’s best playmate in the world!

PM:  What are your favorite pack activities?

Noelle:  Luca is now trained to not run out the door which clearly lessens the chaos of chasing him around the neighborhood. He listens to Sam the best, has become quite the mama’s boy enjoying his cuddles while Gianna is at school or in bed for the night. During the day he is a special part of all Gianna’s imaginative play- they are great pals!

PM: What’s in their bowl?

Noelle:  Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed formula and we also give him scrambled eggs once a week because he loves it and it keeps his fur healthy and shiny!

Go Red with Noelle, her mom and her daughter

Go Red with Noelle, her mom and her daughter

PM:  What is in your purse right now?

Noelle: I was able to size down my purse and most days just use a side satchel, leaving me hands free. Multiple lipglosses, Luca’s poop bag holder is now attached to his leash, I now throw out receipts at least once a month and have become much more organized as life has become busier.  I still carry wet wipes but the disinfecting ones for germs Gianna might pick up at school or ballet. No more collapsible toilet lid- my princess is growing up too fast. Always a staple- iPhone, rubber bands and sunglasses.

PM:  What is on your iPad/iPod?

Noelle: Taylor Swift Shake It Off , lots of Disney Princess music especially any Frozen song. Also, now that Gianna goes to ballet 3x a week she always requests during the car ride “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.

PM:  How do you balance it all?

Noelle:   Between preschool, ballet, social activities and my commitments with the AHA and GRFW nothing is just kept in my head. I have an entire wall with dry erase boards and calendars, pin boards ect. for family organization. I also use a large calendar with notes section for all of my GRFW meetings and contacts of leads or commitments that are eager to support the Go Red initiative.

PM:  Any words of wisdom for other pack moms?

Noelle:  The bond that Gianna and Luca share grows daily. G learned from a young age to be kind, loving and respectful with animals and Luca reciprocates her behavior. Sam has earned Luca’s respect, Luca listens and behaves best for Sam. Luca is truly a mama’s boy at heart and I love our special cuddle time!

Thank you Noelle and Go Red!!

Go Red Luca and Gianna

Go Red Luca and Gianna

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