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Noelle Priolo- Luca, Noelle and Gianna

Noelle Priolo:

Dedicated Pack Mom, Wife and American Heart Association Advocate

Projects:– a website dedicated to spreading awareness about Peripartum Cardiomyopothy (PPCM)

About Noelle

Noelle’s full time job is being a stay-at-home mom for her little princess, Gianna, her four-legged son, Luca, and a doting wife to husband Sam.   Her dedication to the American Heart Association runs deep. When her daughter was born, Noelle went through pregnancy-related heart failure (Peripartum Cardiomyopothy PPCM) and since her recovery, Noelle has participated in the Chicago AHA Heart Walk every year.  In fact, her team, Hope for a Mother’s Heart, has earned the “Top Walker” award and Noelle’s personal story was published in the AHA newsletter.

February is Women’s Heart Awareness Month and Noelle has been busy attending charity activities for Go Red.  This year, Noelle will be involved in the Heart Ball and will also attend the Chicago Heart Expo with the cardiologist who saved her life.

Recently, Noelle joined a group of 10 women who are  PPCM survivors to launch a website dedicated to spreading awareness Please check out their site and read more about Noelle’s road to an accurate diagnosis.

Noelle encourages all of us to listen to our bodies, challenge our doctors and be an advocate for our own healthcare.  Email her at:

Noelle Priolo- AHA Picture

Q&A with Noelle

PM:  Who’s in your pack?

Noelle:  Luca, our 4 lb Yorkie, joined us a day after Gianna’s second birthday in the summer of 2012! He was just 4 months old and was (still is!) a spunky little guy who instantly fell in love with Gianna. Oddly enough, when we went looking for a furry family member; he chose Gianna instantaneously and the two of them have been best buds ever since.


PM:  What are your favorite pack activities?

Noelle:  Well, Sam likes to open the front door and Luca loves to make a break for it…forcing my out of shape husband to chase him all over the neighborhood as Gianna screams: “Wuuca come back”! But aside from that, we take him on walks with us and he loves it when we take his leash off and let him run wild at the park. Gianna loves dressing him up and doing fashion shows with him (even though he’s a boy).


PM: What’s in their bowl?

Noelle:  Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed formula…and Sam’s leftover chicken breast…and anything Gianna drops on the floor when she’s eating. Sam says he’s the best broom we ever owned.


PM:  What is in your purse right now?

Noelle:  My lip gloss and Gianna’s lip gloss. Luca’s poop bag holder.  A collapsable princess toilet lid for public bathrooms. Wet wipes. My wallet and lots of receipts I never throw out. My iPhone. Hair bows and rubber bands for Gianna’s long hair. Two pairs of sunglasses: one for me and one for Gianna (based on Gianna’s choice for the day).


PM:  What is on your iPad/iPod?

Noelle:  Adele, The Beatles, Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe (Gianna’s favorite), Dean Martin, Sinatra, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe (Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – also per Gianna), Michael Buble, and my personal favorite Celine Dion.


PM:  How do you balance it all?

Noelle:  With lots of help from my husband and family. I keep a lot of stuff in my head – I’m not a big note-taker. Even though I have an iPhone, I still use a paper pocket calendar. And a big glass of heart healthy red wine every night when everyone goes to sleep.


PM:  Any words of wisdom for other pack moms?

Noelle:  If you had a husband who wasn’t nuts about your new pet…don’t worry, everybody will grow to love him (Luca is now Sam’s cuddle buddy). Give it time and patience, a pet will love unconditionally and will win everyone’s heart in a short period of time. Chances are Gianna will be an only child and we find it heartwarming that Gianna calls him “bro bro” :).


Thanks Noelle!  Best wishes to you and your family and four paws up on your dedication to the AHA!

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