Weekend Pictures & Pet Inspired Art on Anna Maria Island

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My son and I had a bit of fun in the sun this weekend on Anna Maria Island.  So sorry to all of my Pack Moms who were freezing!  I sent warm wishes your way!

My parents and I spent  time at an art show, out door markets and perusing through touristy shops.  I have to admit, I am no good at leisurely shopping.  If I don’t have something I need, I’d rather not go.  But, the day was beautiful and I wanted to be outside and active.

My goal was to find pet inspired art everywhere I went.  I wasn’t disappointed!  My first find was at a cute shop that carried work by local artists.  Check this out!  Art made from crushed cans!


Just a few doors down, I found a necklace for $10!  And, it couldn’t be more fitting…a paw, a cat and a heart.  Of course, I purchased this one!


Anna Maria Island- Necklace

Back on the trolley we went, to a Thieves Market next to Coquina Beach….basically a big garage sale in a field next to the beach.  Tons of pet art…weather vanes, garden stones, books and even the hot dog stand had a cute sign!



Finally, we walked to an art show (held adjacent to the local dog park!) and I found my final purchase…not pet inspired…but cute nonetheless!  A vintage looking apron that I couldn’t pass up!

That is it!  My weekend wrap up!  One day and about 5,000 calories later, I am back home.  Sunburned, chunkier and loving my $10 necklace!


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