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December 15, 2015 | By More
Edgar from Lost Angels Animal Rescue

Edgar from Lost Angels Animal Rescue

And these are a few of my favorite things….is the jingle from that famous song running through your mind? Are you still shopping for your fur kid? Or someone else’s? I have put together a Holiday Gift Guide to help!

When it comes to my dogs, the simplest things make them happy. For my dog Abe, squeaky tennis balls do the trick. For Chico- food in any form under the tree works. In fact, their noses are already working overtime as they know there is a box with their name on it.

Here are a few of MY favorite things to purchase for your pets and people who love them:

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop– if you and your family have decided to add a pet to the family, do your research and adopt! I brought Edgar, the ambassador for Lost Angels Animal Rescue, on Fox 13 TV with me today to spread this very message. Rescue organizations do so much good for pets throughout the year and most run on a shoe string budget. Adopt, don’t shop. Or make a kind donation!

2. Gift Certificates and Doggy Starter Pack– Please, for the love of DOG, do not buy a pet as a gift this holiday season. You just never know if the person is really ready for a pet or if the pet you pick out will be a good fit. What you can do, however is buy a gift certificate to your favorite rescue and pair that with a doggy or kitty starter kit. You can never go wrong with Doggy Pick Up Bags, a Bag Dispenser and Eco Friendly Potty Training Pads! Bags on Board and Simple Solution have a lot to choose from.

3. People Gear– Ok, I am one of those girls that could possibly wear a pet inspired shirt, hat or drink out of a doggy clad coffee mug daily. I bet you might be too! If you have “that girl or guy” in your life, there are great companies out there with great gear for pet lovers. Check out Dog is Good! My personal fave and yes, I have the shirt, hat and mug is “I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie.” I also love the soy based candles from One Fur All. They burn for hours and smell great- definitely ridding your home of excess doggy odors.

4. Treats and Toys- Holiday inspired treats and toys are decking the halls- everywhere. Have you seen the huge pet section in HomeGoods? This year, my “go to” treats are Santa’s Helper– one calorie yummies made with chia seed. They have a nice 2oz size that makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. Fruitables has a very cool SNOWFLAKE treat made with water from Rocky Mountain snowflakes, vanilla, greek yogurt and more. And my favorite holiday inspired toys came from Jax & Bones (rope toys) and Huggle Hounds.

5. Gifts for FamiliesPuppy Cake and Puppy Scoops. Hands down the most fun gift to indulge your pet. Move over Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines! Puppy Cake is a boxed cake mix – making it easy to bake a cake for your pup while in your pj’s, drinking your coffee and entertaining your kids . It even comes with frosting! Puppy Scoops- is a dry ice cream. Add water, freeze and voila! One full pint in is ready to go.

6. Keeping it Clean– with a doormat or runner from Dog Gone Smart! I promise you, I live with two of their runners and three of their doormats in my home. They really do wash well and help collect dirt from paws and shoes!

7. Go Big or Go Home– Want to give a big dog gift? Like 3ft big? Check out the chews from Etta Says. They are easy to break and share with multiple dogs! And it is kind of funny to walk in with a 3ft long stick of any kind!

Edgar, Lost Angels Animal Rescue

Happy Holidays, Love, Edgar, Lost Angels Animal Rescue



That’s a wrap! Have a wonderful holiday with your fur kids!


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