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QR Code Pet ID Tags


We have something to bark about today!  QR code pet ID tags and collars.  Smart, affordable and safe.  There are a few brands on the market and we happen to like BARKCODE.

What is BARKCODE exactly?  Well, it is a pet ID tag, with a decorative picture on the front and a QR code (quick read code) on the back.   So, in the event that your dog is lost or simply, taking time to smell the roses (wandering the neighborhood off leash and without you), he can be easily returned.

The person who finds your dog can simply do one of the following:

1.  Scan the QR code with any QR reader.

2.  Take a picture of the QR code with their cell phone or smart phone and MMS it to 43588.

3.  Go online and enter URL on the back of the tag.


This is a great solution for pet parents who are against having their pet micro-chipped, have old tags with outdated phone numbers or need to change their contact info frequently.

Why we give it the Pack Mom Approval?

1.  You have access to the Bark Code 24/7 and can update your pet’s online profile anytime.

2.  You choose the information you want shared with the person who finds your pet.  You can even add your pet’s picture.

3.  There is no annual fee, activation fee or registration fee.

4.  Multiple designs to choose from.

5.  We love the backup URL code on the back.


We think this is a big step in the right direction for pet ID tags.  Congrats to BARKCODE!

Bark back Pack Moms!  What do you think?


~ Jenn





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