Caring for Your Gray Muzzle

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I visited the set of Daytime to share a few tips on caring for our senior pets.  Take a look!


Greying hair, memory loss, weight change?  These signs of aging are not just reserved for humans but shared by our pets.

As much as we hate to admit it, our cats and dogs will eventually slow down and begin to show signs of getting older.  But with a bit of prevention and the right tools, your pets’ 15 can be the new 10!


Minimize age related disease:

– Brushing teeth and giving appropriate chews will help control tartar and prevent gum disease

– Feed the appropriate diet- if you are choosing to DIY it, make sure it is vet approved and complete!

– Detect cancer early- lumps and bumps/weight loss/ slow healing sore.  Feel your pet on a weekly basis and see the vet as needed.

– Prevent obesity- this is a huge problem in our country!  Over 80 million pets are FAT.  Obesity can lead to other life threatening diseases so make sure your senior pet is eating right and remaining as active as possible.

Supplement their lifestyle:

–  Use supplements as needed to support healthy hip, joint, eye and brain function.

–  Supportive bedding/ socks with grips can make it easier for your pet to get up and down and to aid those arthritic joints.

Have a plan for your pet in case they out live you:  

–  Some pets like birds and turtles can live for decades.  Talk to family members and friends and let them know what you want for your pet in their senior years.

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Jenn Fadal is a national Pet Wellness & Lifestyle Expert. In addition to being the founder of her own holistic pet boutique, Wag, this Tampa native can be seen frequently on Media General’s Daytime Television across the country, as well as on FOX, NBC and ABC. She is also a writer and subject matter expert for various publications.

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