Cooking for Your Dog is as Easy as Mutt Soup

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I love to cook.  One of my favorite places is in the kitchen on a Saturday or Sunday, watching Food Network and making a total mess.  My husband is constantly amazed at just how disorganized I can make one tiny space.

A couple of weeks ago, I actually cleaned the kitchen and took a few pictures as I made one of my dogs’ favorites…Mutt Soup. To tell you they love this stuff is an understatement. And, through their super sonic sense of smell, they know the difference between me cooking the usual versus making their soup. A dog’s nose is truly like no other!

Cooking for Your Dogs- Jenn Cooking

Easy to make?  Incredibly.  No cooking ability?   The only skills required are: combining a package of Mutt Soup, meat, oil and unsalted chicken broth (or water) together, bring to a boil and then simmer.  Voila!  You have made Mutt Soup.

I used organic chicken thighs, olive oil and unslated chicken broth for Abe and Chico but you can use any combination of meat and oil really.  Beef and coconut oil or how about fish and salmon oil?

Cooking for Your Dog- Ingredients

Be prepared for the most difficult part-  having your dog/s pace, pant, drool and be completely in your face while you are cooking.  Abe sat in the very middle of our small kitchen and Chico was jumping up and down, over and around Abe and on me.

Cooking for Your Dog- Abe and Chico

I  believe in cooking for your dog.  Why?  I know the quality of the ingredients going into their bellies, I can be as calorie conscious or indulgent as I want to be and processing is minimal.  Win, win, win!

Cooking for Your Dog- Finished Product

Treats are always a safe bet which is why I like Mutt Soup.  Abe and Chico had bits of their favorite added to their breakfast and dinner as a supplement for a few days.  They were beyond excited.

What’s next?  Dehydrated chicken strips!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Are you cooking for your dog?  If so, please share your recipes!


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  1. Channon says:

    We still need to try our Mutt soup and – balls!