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My Pack- Chico, Sebastian and Abe- A Dog’s Life


I often get asked about my dogs.  What do they eat?   What do they play with?  What do we do for exercise?  This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about!  Dog life and my boys.  They are my heart.  They make me laugh daily, give me good practice in patience and give me an understanding of just how far I will go for another being on this planet.

Abe and Chico are busy.  Very busy from morning till night.  They wake up around 7am to go outside and “do their business.”  Then it is back to bed where they wait on me to let them go wake up our little human Sebastian.  This involves all of the following on their part:  staring at me, panting, scratching, flapping ears and whining just audible enough to keep me awake.

When I give them the green light, they bolt into Sebastian’s room and kiss him through the bars of his crib.  So cute.  From 7:30am until the evening, it is ON in our house.  At 9:00pm, Abe puts himself to bed and Chico stays up with me until whatever time I say lights out!

Abe- Dog Life

What’s in their bowl?  The boys are always eating something different.  As soon as one bag of grain free food finishes, they are on to raw food, then dehydrated raw food, then back to grain free kibble.  Sometimes they get a bit of canned.  It just depends on what I have.

Do they get treats?  Carrots!  They love carrots.  The bigger the better.  Usually one in the morning and sometimes a half of one at night.  They also get healthy, all natural treats like those from K9 Granola Factory or Zukes.  And very occasionally, a kong filled with peanut butter.  But that is a truly special treat for them.

Do I cook for them?  Yes.  I especially like to use the mixes from Your Dog’s Diner.  And, on Sundays they get pancakes!

What do Abe and Chico do for exercise?  Walk and Walk and Walk as my two year old would say.  We are a walking family.  Not just a casual stroll either.  We MOOOVE!  Twice a day.  At least 2-3 miles each time.  Abe loves to play ball and swim which we do carefully due to a recouping ACL.  And Chico, well Chico likes to run like a crazy man in the backyard.

What are their favorite toys?  Chico likes baby socks and a few of my sons small stuffed animals which he claimed as his own.  That is it.  He chews them for a couple of minutes at a time or fights with them….but not long.  He isn’t really a toy kind of guy.  Abe on the other hand loves balls.  He is ball obsessed!  His balls, Sebastian’s balls, the neighbor down the street who happens to leave his ball in his yard….all Abe’s in his opinion.

What do they wear?  My boys do not wear clothes.  Chico wouldn’t have it.  Abe loves clothes, but in Tampa, it is far too hot for his 65lb furry body most of the time.  They have a random assortment of leashes and collars though.  Right now, Abe is wearing a collar from Dublin Dog and Chico’s harness is from MimiGreen.  But we are always mixing it up!

Chico- Dog Life

Do they sleep with me?  Abe starts out on his bed but by the wee morning hours is on our bed, wedged in between my husband and I.  Chico has no desire.  His bed is on the floor right next to me.  We have a low profile bed, so Chico is really close.  His snoring is basically in my ear.

Favorite family activity?  Walking.  Without a doubt.  And snuggling.  We all love to snuggle!  Even Chico.

I ask all of my profiled Pack Moms to tell me what is in their purse.  Well, I probably should be embarrassed by mine right now but here goes:

Sunglasses, thank you cards in a bag from Target, chewing gum, baby sunblock, baby spoon, baby sock, veterinarian’s business card, pet rescue business card, my business cards, lipstick, measuring tape, poop bags, a bully stick and an unraveling roll of hot pink ribbon.  YIKES!

Abe, Chico and Mom- Dog Life



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