Has Your Dog Been Skunked- A Dog Bath Recipe for Skunk Odor Created By Paul Krebaum

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Dog Bath Recipe for Skunk Odor


This might be a very random topic for the day.  It makes me laugh a little bit too.  When eHow.com requests pet videos, they give me a list of topics.  Some of them are VERY random.  I have to sort through them to see which topics I think I can handle and of course which topics an audience would find interesting.

Hence, “A Dog Bath Recipe for Skunk Odor.”  Did I mention that the titles are worded strangely?  Sometimes not grammatically correct.  But, apparently, these are the search terms used by many people in the world.  Hmmm.

Ok, back to skunks.  I found this topic to be interesting and useful especially for some pack moms living in areas where skunks are more prevalent.

Has your dog encountered a skunk?  Abe and Chico haven’t, but I have certainly smelled skunk spray before.   I am ever so thankful that my two fur boys have not been up close and personal with one of these mammals!

So, how do you get that awful smell off of your dogs in the event they are sprayed?

If you loved chemistry as a kid, you will love this.  In fact, credit for this recipe goes to chemist Paul Krebaum who developed this dog bath recipe for skunk odor in 1993.

The first key to eliminating odor is to act fast.  As soon as you realize your dog has been “skunked”  take action.  Skunk spray is oily and contains sulfur (hence the smell) and it is tougher to eradicate once it dries!

Here’s is what you will need:

Latex gloves

Old clothes

Plastic container

One quart Hydrogen Peroxide

¼ cup baking soda

1-2 teaspoons liquid soap

  1.  Mix ingredients and add lukewarm water if you have a larger dog.  No need to soak your dog’s coat prior to washing.
  2. Avoiding the face, eyes and ears begin to treat the areas sprayed.  Massage into coat and let sit for up to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly! Repeat as long as strong odor persists.
  3. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT store in a closed container.  It will most likely and literally explode.  Simply discard any left overs.

Of course the best practice is to not let your pet get sprayed in the first place! Keep your dog in sight at all times and not letting them run into the woods alone are other tips… but, we all know, dogs will be dogs!  🙂


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