Oxford Exchange- A Little Slice of Big City in Tampa

September 22, 2012 | By More

Let’s face it fellow pack moms, sometimes you need a break.  I firmly believe in time alone to recharge your batteries and enjoy something as simple as a cup of tea, a good read or as luxurious as a spa day (someday, maybe?).  Pack moms need to be at their best to lead the pack on a daily basis.

A Little Slice of Big City in Tampa- Sipping TeBella Jasmine Tea at Oxford Exchange

Yesterday, my husband and I had a mini escape with no dogs, no child and no smart phones and lost ourselves in the atmosphere of a beautiful new place called the Oxford Exchange.

It’s a  little slice of New York City, London, Paris or any big city outside of downtown Tampa.

The experience is complete with a boutique, a restaurant, an atrium, TeBella Tea Company, Buddy Brew Coffee, a book store (a real book store with real books…not a kindle or ipad insight!) and reservable office space upstairs.

TeBella Tea Company at the Oxford Exchange

The decor is yummy.  British style meets Restoration Hardware.  The boutique = pure kitchiness and held everything I love:  interesting coffee table books, heavenly scented candles with pretty names and lengthy descriptions, stationary, Oscar Wilde inspired journal collections and things that made me laugh out loud.

French Dogs Coffee Table Book at the Oxford Exchange

Of course, none of this I purchased.  Coffee table books and candles would end up with sticky fingers/dog hair and although I always intend to pen personal notes to friends, I never have time!  But, one can always dream.

We thouroughly enjoyed our afternoon tea experience, which was delicious and because it was “friends and family day” it was  “on the house.”  Love that!

Big heartfelt thanks to fellow pack mom Abigail St. Claire, owner of TeBella Tea Company for the invitation!  We loved every bite!

Candle at the Oxford Exchange

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