Pack Mom Daily Bite: How to Make a Dog Bed with Pillows

June 19, 2013 | By More asked me to explore how to make a dog bed with pillows and then film it!  Ok, I am not a seamstress in any way shape or form.  I actually took a sewing class when I was 10 years old and ended up with a grey pair of shorts with bright geometric designs, one leg  slimmer than the other and let’s not even talk about the elastic waistline :0)

But, I did manage it without a needle and thread, using fusion tape, an iron and old tablecloths.  Chico loves it and Abe tries his best to squeeze his way on top.  Hilarious.

This is definitely not an orthopedic or high quality bed, but if you are looking to do a DIY project and save a bit of money, you might want to try it!


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