Pack Mom Profile- Paige Michaelis

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Paige Michaelis:

Pack Mom, Parenting Professional,  Animal Lover

Pack Mom Profile- Paige Michaelis and The Wein

Founder :

1 Minute Mommy– a website dedicated to educating parents and caregivers

About Paige

Paige Michaelis founded 1 Minute Mommy with the goal of providing parents & caregivers of all backgrounds with meaningful, community-oriented support, parenting education and resources that empower & enlighten. To this end, 1 Minute Mommy hosts Community Classes, a Speaker’s Bureau, Parenting Parties and Parent Mentoring Programs.  This busy mom is also the President of her children’s PTA and supports the Pinellas County Education Foundation’s fundraisers and school drives.

Q&A with Paige

PM:  Who’s in your pack?

Paige:  My pack consists of my husband James, my two girls Madelyn and Ursula, a special needs cat named Slinky and a dog that used to be called Frankie Cross Eyes, but whom we now call The Wein.  He was initially named Frankie Cross Eyes because when he was born he had a crossed eye and a very large mole on his nose (reminiscent of an old Italian woman!  )  Hence his Mafia name.  Since then his ailments have corrected themselves, and now that we know more about his personality, “The Wein” is appropriate because he “just is” The Wein.

PM:  What are your favorite pack activities?

Paige:  Wein loves to wrestle with the cat (who has a deformed foot that looks like a hook).  The cat will literally wrap her front paws around Wein’s head and he will get up on his back feet and they will wrestle and chase each other all over the house.  It is hilarious, especially because we have only had the cat for a few months and Wein is almost 10.  Keeps him young I guess!

PM: What’s in their bowl?

Paige:  We mostly feed him Iams.  I am not hooked on one kind of food, but he likes that a lot (and the cat does too!)

PM:  What is in your purse right now?

Paige:  Two envelopes with prizes for a big PTA event coming up, probably 20 receipts from Dunkin Donuts and a lot of business cards for networking!

PM:  What is on your iPad/iPod?

Paige:  I am a power song gal, I feel that they empower me as a woman and mom, so I have a lot of Pink, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and for my girls -Gangnam Style- (ok it’s for me too!)

Pack Mom Profile- Paige Michaelis and Her Girls

PM:  How do you balance it all?

Paige:  I don’t balance it all.  If you read the bio on my website it actually states that “I have been searching for the real meaning of balance since I had my kids.”  Balance is illusive.  We can all only do the best job we can do on any given day, and yes, sometimes it is HARD.

PM:  Any words of wisdom for other pack moms?

Paige:  In terms of balancing it all, one thing that helps me is to keep in mind what success means to ME.  Sometimes I get the feeling of needing to “Keep up with the Jones’s” or live up to some impossible ideal.  But when I think back to “What is it that I really want?”, it puts it back into perspective.    I want to spend a really good amount of time with my pack, and also be able to give back and support other parents on their journey.   Also, since I am in the world of modeling good parenting, I need to be living up to the advice I give others about taking time for myself, limiting screen time, and being truly present!

Thanks Paige!  Best wishes in 2013 to you and your family….especially Slinky and “The Wein!”


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