Stuff the Turkey Not the Dog- Five Tips to a Pet Friendly Thanksgiving

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I think you would agree Pack Moms, it is so tempting to “give a dog a bone”…or a piece of rich turkey….or gravy covered mashed potatoes  this busy holiday.  They look at you with those sad, droopy eyes and of course, there is food everywhere!  Although the average American gains a pound or two over the holidays, this much weight gain is not pet friendly.

Stuff the Turkey- Thanksgiving Message

Here are a few tips to keep your Fido or Felix healthy and happy this Thanksgiving!

  • Food & Exercise-  Keep your pet on their standard diet.  Avoid giving them turkey or other meats, since this can cause an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea, all of which can ruin the celebration.  If you want to offer them something special, try a little bit of a canned turkey based dog or cat food such as Merrick’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  And exercise!  Yes, exercise is a must have this holiday season.  Trust me.  Logging a few extra miles or at least trips around the block will keep your pets mentally happy, their tummy trim and will keep us in shape too!
  • Paper/Plastic/Foil- Keep aluminum foil, plastic wrap, plastic bags and wax paper away from pets.  Disposing of these items properly can prevent accidental intestinal blockage.
  • Bones and Chocolate- While a wishbone may bring you great fortune, it can bring your dog an unwanted problem.  Any brittle or splintering bone, wish or otherwise, can become lodged in their esophagus as well as puncture a hole in their intestines.  Naturally shed deer antlers are a great choice or how about a sweet potato chew?  While chocolates may taste great, they contain theobromine which can be hazardous to your pet’s health.  Baker’s chocolate is the highest in theobromine and can cause the most problems.
  • Snacks- Discourage friends and family from feeding your dog extra snacks and scraps.  Snacks that are high in salt (chips and peanuts) and other fatty foods can cause Pancreatitis, which is a life-threatening condition.  If you want to do something fun, try a pumpkin based treat.  They smell great, pets usually love them and they are low cal alternative.

    Pet Friendly- Snoopy

  • Safe Haven and I.D.-  As with any holiday, see that your pet has a safe haven to move to…away from the festivities.  This will give your pet a much needed “Time-Out” from the hustle of the holiday.  Make sure that your pet has their identification tags on during all parties or get-togethers.  With people coming in and out of the house it is very easy for your pet to wander through and open door.  It is also helpful to get your pet micro-chipped.  Most animal shelters have devices to scan for these chips and to identify the owner quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving!
~  Jenn

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