Pack Mom Daily Bite: How to Keep a Pug in Your Tub

August 25, 2013 | By More
Anthony, Joey and Rocky
Anthony, Joey and Rocky


Awww, dog bath time.  For some dogs, like my Chico, it isn’t a very welcomed event.  Many dogs do love their water time though and everything that comes with it:  the water, the spray, the extra love from mommy, the towel and especially the treats that might be flowing! But, for Beverly, one of our fellow Pack Moms, dog bath time with her pug puppy Rocky was a nightmare.

Here is what she wrote:

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“Hi Jenn! Any suggestions for making Rocky’s (our pug puppy) bath time less traumatic for us? I read something about treats… Is that ok to do? He tucks his tail under and barks at it all. Then when I try to rinse him he body slams himself and slides everywhere. We are both frazzled!! Then I can’t catch him to even put the collar back on him. Much less use baby wipes to clean his ears and face. He just runs in circles! Thanks for any help!”  Bev


Pug in the Tub

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First, I asked her a series of questions to  better understand her situation:

1.  Where is he bathed?  Tub? Sink?  Hose outside?
2.  Are you using warm water?
3.  Using gentle water pressure or high?
4.  Does he like being towel dried?


My recommendations:


1.  Because he is so small, try bathing him in the kitchen or utility sink if you have one.  A smaller space might be less scary for him and definitely less noisy.  If using a tub, buy a suction cup from Home Depot and a short bathing tether from petsmart or  Hook him in the tub that way.
2.  Try using a harness when bathing him rather than a collar too.  Pugs are so short nosed and their breathing is difficult anyway…so if he is getting all worked up and you are trying to grab a collar….it is making him more anxious.
3.  Fill the sink or tub with a bit of warm water so his paws are soaking.
4.  Be relaxed and he will be more relaxed.
5.  Use treats!  If he likes treats, use them.  Throw them in the water and feed him the entire time. Lots of praise is a good thing! Give him less dinner that day too.
6.  Does he have a favorite toy?  If so, let him have it in the bath.  Could be a nice distraction for him.
7.  Maybe play relaxing music and use a lavender diffuser…i know it might sound crazy, but it could help relax him and you 🙂
8.  Most importantly, tire him out before the bath.  Tired dogs are less anxious!
Good news!  Rocky’s last bath was a success.  Beverly moved him from the family bathtub to the utility sink (much smaller for Rocky and less need to bend for Bev).  She also brought in reinforcements, Rocky’s favorite people on the planet, his brothers Anthony and Joey!  Lots of laughter and love made bath time a success!


Pug in the Tub



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