Stimulating Dog Toys- a Pack Mom Question

November 15, 2012 | By More

Interactive Dog Toys- Apryl’s Dog

Pack Mom Question:

Hi Pack Mom! This is one of the two culprits that has stolen my heart…be on the lookout for him! LOL…he is a very smart little dude and loves to play. I wonder if you could recommend good stimulating games or dog toys for small dogs?

One year, just at Easter time, I put treats in plastic Easter eggs and rolled them to my babies. They had the best time playing with them and learning to open them. This is the type of ideas I am trying to find.

Pack Mom Answer:   Thanks for joining our group and for the great question!

Stimulating toys are so important and make your dog or cat’s mind work over time.  Believe it or not, giving them a bit of mental stimulation can actually work to tire them out.  I love your plastic egg idea!

Busy Buddy toys by Premier Pet Products work well. They are interactive, release treats or food and pets love them! Check out their site.  They offer a wide variety of dog toys to choose from and they come in a range of sizes.  Premiere doesn’t leave kitties out of the fun either.  They make interactive cat toys to make your feline move!

Hide-A toys,  Egg Babies and puzzle toys by Kyjen are a good place to start as well.  My dogs love them and they are great to give as a gift.

Interactive Dog Toys- Abe and His Busy Buddy

If you want to see one of these dog toys in action, check out my dog Abe.  I filmed this a few years ago, but love watching it.  He still loves this toy.  In fact, it is really dirty and in the middle of my family room right now!

Please send a picture of one or both of your dogs in action with their favorite smart toy!



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