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Dogs and anxiety.  These two can go together like  ice cream and cake.  Although the end result is not as sugary sweet.  Not even close.  Anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in many negative ways including chewing household items, chewing self, aggression, excessive barking/whining, destructive behavior and more.

Introducing The Rein Coat, a patent pending calming coat that is a harness and a coat in one.  The Rein Coat is made to calm anxiety ridden pets and therefore eliminate all of the aforementioned negative behaviors.  It works by applying a mild pressure on the nape of the dog’s neck, much like the pressure a mother dog applies to a puppy when she picks him up by the scruff.  The gentle touch stimulates the brain to release oxytocin, which will relieve pet nerves and anxiety.  The makers of The Rein Coat contacted The Pack Mom earlier this summer and asked us to test the Ultra-Light Rein Coat on a couple of dogs.

Bentley and The Rein Coat

Bentley and The Rein Coat

First up- Bentley- a nine year old dachshund riddled with anxiety during summer storms.  Prior to using The Rein Coat, Bentley would hide in a blanket and shiver when the thunder began.  After using The Rein Coat for a few weeks, Bentley’s reaction has gotten better.  He handles the storms more calmly and is able to be up and about, not shaking in his blanket.  Bentley is a bit stiff in his Rein Coat as he is not a fan of anything on him other than a collar.  Watch the above video for his mom Summer’s testimonial.

Next was Abe, my ten year old lab mix.  Abe does not have storm anxiety.  In fact, he snores right through them.  Abe’s anxiety surrounds three specific things:  nightly walks, the baby gate and my son.  As he has aged, he just doesn’t feel like going on evening pack walks.  He has always been nervous around the baby gate; overly cautious to approach it and sometimes freezes midway through.  And with my three year old son, whose actions can be fast and unpredictable, Abe does a lot of lip smacking (sign of nerves) and watching his back.  Introducing The Rein Coat however, has eased Abe’s nerves in all three situations.

Abe and The Rein Coat

Abe and The Rein Coat

Realistically, we will most likely use Abe’s coat to go on walks.  I don’t plan to leave it on him all of the time, although he is comfortable in it.  In fact, he has taken afternoon siestas with it on.

We like The Rein Coat because of the following:

1.  It is adjustable and easy to put on (after we watched the online tutorial 🙂 )

2.  Handmade in the USA!

3.  We like the Ultra-Light fabric that is UV protected, important for our hot Florida weather

4.  Fits up to a 250 lb dog and is also made for cats

5.  Freedom of movement when it is on and it is pressure free!!

We would like to see:

A “How to Put on The Rein Coat” button more prevalent on the website.

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