Weekend Update: Rain, Wine and a Bit of the Divine

June 2, 2013 | By More

Well, I seriously can’t believe we are in June.  Can you?  My parents always said that “time flies” and when I was a kid, I thought they were crazy.  I felt like the days were N E V E R ending!  Now, although I try to breathe deep, look around and take things in, time does “fly.” And soon, I will repeat those same words to my son and he of course will think I am crazy.

But, I find myself at the end of another busy weekend and thankful that I now have a place to capture the blur of life in what is The Pack Mom blog.  So, here goes.  This weekend’s antics included: rain, wine (lots of) and a bit of the divine.

On Saturday morning, I played referee as my son and two fur boys Abe and Chico fought over Play-Doh.  I hate Play-Doh.  Everything about it.  The smell, texture and the fact that it picks up every piece of dirt and dog hair pretty much does it for me.  But they all love it apparently.

While I succeeded in having a semi peaceful Saturday morning, enjoying lukewarm coffee and catching glimpses of the Food Network, I did in fact make Play-Doh creations with my son and kept it out of the drooling mouths of the furs.  That is until my husband came home a few hours later, opened the saved “Doh” and left in on the table.  The furboys then found their Nirvana as they ate every last bit of it.  YUCK!

That night I was able to see friends who I spent my formative years with:  Kindergarten through 8th grade. We celebrated 25 years since our 8th grade graduation from Nativity Catholic School.  Such a great time reminiscing.  Some of us attended church together (hence the Divine in my title) while others came only for drinks later…swearing they would catch fire if their feet touched the threshold!  Too funny!

  This picture in fact looks very close to the one we took in 8th grade…same blue backdrop I swear!

Then it was on to date night with my hubby.  No toddler and no furboys.  A very rainy night indeed.  That was o.k. though.  After a night at the Ybor City Wine Bar (highly recommend!!) and then dinner, we welcomed the relaxing storm.


The rest of our weekend went something like this: walked dogs, played with dogs, played with son, worked in the yard, cooked, cleaned, repeat.  We looked something like this:

and this,

and of course, this,

Have a wonderful week Pack Moms and remember to take time for YOU over the next days.  Until next weekend…



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