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Amy Paris:

Pack Mom, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Amy Paris and Dora- Pack Mom Profile

Founder :

LICKs for Dogs– canine supplements that are so good your dog will think it is a treat!

About Amy

Amy Paris founded Licks for Dogs in 2009 with a desire for her beloved dog Dora to have a nutritional supplement and treat in one.  In addition to contributing to pet health, Amy serves on the Alumni Board of The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and The Lynn Sage Foundation. Her company, LICKs, contributes product, services and financial support to the: PAWs, Trio, Chicago Canine Rescue, Adopt a Husky, Door County Sled Dogs, The Humane Society.

Q&A with Amy

PM:  Who’s in your pack?

Amy:  My baby Dora changed my life when I first met her in 2007.  She was named Adorable but answers to Dora.  She is a very confident 7.5lbs Maltese/Pomeranian mix.  She has a loud mouth and believes it her duty to protect everyone around her and to notify them when things, people, other animals, or inanimate objects move in unpredictable patterns or act out of place.  She is on her highest alert when monsters move underneath bed covers and circular objects float oddly in the air.  Dora accompanies me everywhere and has a green over the shoulder carrier where she can keep her head out and one arm over the side.  This is her favorite mode of transportation.  When Dora is excited she turns in left-handed circles and has acquired the nickname “Lefty”.

PM:  What are your favorite pack activities?

Amy: Dora and I run 3 miles a day together – but this doesn’t seem to be a favorite activity of hers as she normally requests to be carried for the first mile.  I would say her favorite activities are “going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house” (the most surefire way to elicit a left turn), smooshing her face on a cushiony surface then rolling over to position the optimal tummy rub, and eating anything a human is eating.

PM: What’s in their bowl?

Amy:  Dora receives two hardboiled eggs and oatmeal in the morning topped with a Licks packet, normally either Joint+Heart or Zen.  For dinner she eats cooked wild caught sockeye salmon or chicken thighs with sweet potatoes and broccoli.  She also eats part of any meal I eat at home.

PM:  What is in your purse right now?

Amy:  Oh Geez – it is out of control right now. My phone, Advil (I have a toothache), Glide dental floss, Tums, a hair brush, my wallet, business cards, a sample of each of Licks formulas (Zen, Athlete, Joint+Heart), a Sharpe marker, several receipts, Post it Notes with paws printed, a pen, lip gloss, a package of tea bags, a single mitten and a ton of random snippets of paper.

PM:  What is on your iPad/iPod?

Amy:  I listen to Pandora on my phone, in my car and at home.  I have created 99 stations and my favs are Yaz Radio, Gin and Juice Radio, and Cars Radio

Amy and Dora on Airplane

PM:  How do you balance it all?

Amy:  I don’t.  It is so important to make the right hires and build a team that always has each other’s back and works together effectively.   That way in the early stages of a company’s development when there is little streamlined and lot of moving parts, you can divide and conquer.  I do everything I can to incorporate exercise and doggie time into my daily routine.  I try to ride my bike to work – which takes the same time as driving – about 24 minutes and bring Dora with me on any errand I can.

PM:  Any words of wisdom for other pack moms?

Amy:  Clear and effective communication is the most important factor for success – geez I wish I was better at it!

Thanks Amy!  Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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