Give Your Dog a New Leash on Life…or at Least a New Leash!

March 14, 2013 | By More

Ruffwear Leashes, Photo by Ben Moon 2010






Spring is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?  Finally.  I know my friends in the northeast are singing praises! Even the weather in sunny Florida has been unseasonably cool.  I know, I know, I have no idea.  But I do.  Chicago was my home sweet home for five years!!!  Shoveling, layering, sludge…I am with you.

Spring weather usually encourages us to peel off our sweats, crawl out of our caves and be more active with our pets.  And, there are a few leashes on the market that I really enjoy and want to share with you.

Just to be transparent,  these companies are not paying me to promote their products.  When a company is a sponsor, or I am paid to review products, I promise I will tell you.

Ok, so now for my top three leashes to use this Spring:

1.  Slackline Leash from Ruffwear– Why?

  • padded handle makes for a comfortable grip
  • adjustable length gives you the flexibility to have a short, medium or long leash
  • ability to extend from a side release buckle and wear around your waist for long walks or hikes
  • clipped handle makes it easy to attach around a tree, chair, post, etc.
  • durable material
  • cool colors
  • Here’s a great video of how to use the Slackline Leash

Paww Pick Pocket Leash

2.  Pick Pocket Leash by Paww– Why?

  • the poop bag holder is built in to the leash and not attached or dangling from the leash
  • there is also an additional pocket to carry money, identification, a key or other necessity
  • clipped handle allows for easy attachment
  • durable material
  • fun colors

3.    Quantum Leash by Kurgo– Why?

  • completely flexible with too many uses to count (according to Kurgo)
  • ability to be waist worn or over the shoulder
  • ability to walk two dogs (no coupler needed)
  • padded handle
  • adjustable length from 3′-6′
  • and more!

Kurgo’s Quantum Leash- Functional, Flexible and Durable

I think each leash offers something convenient for walking, hiking or a relaxed saunter in the city.  Have fun and enjoy those pets!

Let me know if you try one of these with your pack!


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