Cookie Recipe Gone Wrong But So Right For My Dogs

February 4, 2013 | By More

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get my bake on at 9:30pm at night, using a cookie recipe I found online. I really wanted to make cookies for my fur boys Abe and Chico and that was the only time I had to do it.


Cookie Recipe- Ready for the Oven

The recipe, titled Dog Treats Made With Oatmeal & Peanut Butter originated from The Daily Puppy website. It seemed simple (it was), Oatmeal is a low gluten grain (yay!) and whole wheat flour. I was out of the flour component so substituted with Buckwheat pancake mix. Buckwheat is filled with protein and the mix contained Buckwheat and very few other ingredients.  I used applesauce rather than oil as well.

Well, I must have made a wrong turn somewhere.  The dough which should have been thick enough to roll out or  into balls was runny, drippy and falling off the spoon.  My concoction was more like a bowl of oatmeal…and not thick oatmeal at that!  Not sure what happened but I spooned them onto the pans and my boys loved them just the same!

Cookie Recipe- Perplexed

That is the great thing about cooking for your dogs.  Make a mess?  Wrong consistency?  All the better.  Your fur kids will love you just the same!

Cookie Recipes- 2 Dozen Spongy Cookies

If anyone tries this recipe, let me know what happens!

Pack Moms!  Bark Back!  Have you ever had a recipe go completely wrong?

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