Let’s Talk Dog Poop

February 5, 2013 | By More

Let’s Talk Dog Poop- Earthrated Products



Do you pick up your dog’s droppings?  I already know that you do.  How?   Because you are part of our Pack Mom community, and no good Pack Mom allows dog poop to pile up 🙂

Like so many of you, the one pet product I use daily are poop pick up bags.  Yes, sometimes I use grocery store bags, and about two years ago, my parents gave me literally 1,000 bags that are a good size for picking up.  I am just getting to the end of them.  (not sure where they found them but they are always giving me random things like this)

Let’s Talk Dog Poop- Bags

My favorite poop bags by far are the biodegradable bags from Earthrated.  My team tested A Lot of dog poop bags…trust me.

We approved these bags because they are:

1.  Biodegradable

2.  Sturdy (nothing worse than a poop bag that breaks upon pick up)

3.  Lightly scented

4.  A bit longer than other brands

5.  Super affordable

We love the dispenser too.  It is a cool army green and comes with a caribiner.  And, we love caribiners!

This product is 100% Pack Mom Approved!

Did you know that over your dog’s lifetime he/she might just produce literally a ton of poop?

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  1. They are also lavender scented!