Crazy Pet Lady

May 1, 2013 | By More

Crazy Pet Lady

Well it is official…I am “the crazy pet lady” in my family. Of course, my parents have never completely understood why I spend so much time going to pet events, hosting pet events, worrying about rescue dogs/cats, fostering dogs, owning a pet market, etc. But this past weekend I totally blew their mind.

It was my son Sebastian’s two year old birthday party and I requested that in lieu of gifts, guests bring- you guessed it- a pet food donation. WHOA!!! This was met with varying degrees of eye rolling, head shaking and funny (and not so funny) remarks.

The response was interesting. Some people had no problem donating pet food and thought it was a great idea. Others brought a gift for Sebastian AND a pet food donation. And then there were those few who only brought a gift for my son 🙂

I am truly grateful for all of the above! And, I am thrilled to report that Sebastian and I dropped off approximately 200 pounds of food yesterday to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay! Their program, Casper’s Cupboard, gives food to pet parents who are financially struggling and need assistance to feed their pets.

Crazy Pet Lady at the Party

Would love to hear from you if you have done something similar! Or even if you, like me, are known as the “crazy pet lady” in your family!

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