Dog Hair- Why Dogs Shed Their Coats

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Dog Hair- Why Dogs Shed Their Coats- Abe in the Bath  Visit our video on Why Dogs Shed Their Coats!



Dog hair can be frustrating I know.  I live with two dogs Abe and Chico and the hair ball tumbleweeds are constantly floating around.  Even after I have swept and mopped.

All dogs shed to some degree.  Unless you have a completely hairless dog.  Even dogs labeled as Hypo Allergenic will shed a little bit.  They are considered hypo allerenic because of the amount of dander they release…not really their hair.

So, why do dogs shed their coats?  Shedding has everything to do with the lifecycle of the hair shaft in the hair follicle.  The lifecycle will be affected by  genetics, hormones, health, environment, breed, age, etc.  a maltese for example has a single coat and their hair shaft life cycle is longer than that of a Labrador, who has a double coat and heavy undercoat.

See our latest video on Why Dogs Shed Their Coats(featuring Abe and Chico!):

Dogs with undercoats typically shed heavily during the warmer months and then again when the weather begins to cool.  This is typically called “blowing their coat” This is because their hair is responding to the climate change and will keep them warmer or cooler for the season.

If you notice your dog begins to shed abnormally, talk to your vet as some health conditions do cause shedding.

The best way to manage pet hair is to maintain it.  Regular grooming and brushing will help eliminate the dead hair prior to it falling all over your home or forming horrible mats in your pet’s coat.  Not to mention, brushing your dog helps strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent.

I need to do a better job of this myself.  Brushing once a day is required in my household!  My new ritual is Friday bath day.  I start early, pick up a coffee, my favorite pet shampoo (Mutt Nose Best) and my furminator and get to work!

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