Do You Live With a Single or Double Coated Dog? Or Both?

May 7, 2013 | By More

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Dogs With Single Coats


Well, if you are not sure, the amount of shedding and dog hair around your house might give you a hint.  My two boys have double coats and the amount of fur is amazing.

Many breeds are double coated.  The under coat is usually shorter, lighter in color and the cause of shedding. As dark as my dog Abe is his undercoat is fawn.

There are dogs that have single coats however.  Yes, they do shed…but not nearly as much as their double coated friends.

A great example of a single coated dog is Sierra, our Doberman Pinscher buddy in the video.

Dobermans have short smooth hair and there is no soft downy like undercoat.

The biggest advantage of a single coated dog?  Less shedding.  They don’t blow their coat twice a year but shed in small amounts all year round.

Some single coated dogs with short smooth hair are super easy to groom, like Sierra for example.

Disadvantages would be the need for protection in cold weather.  Single coated dogs typically originate from warm climates where a single coat is all they need.  For example, many Chihuahuas are single coated and they are very shaky in colder climates.    Other single coated breeds have long hair and grooming can become an issue.  Examples would be a maltese, afghan hound or even a poodle.

No matter if your dog’s coat is as easy to care for as Sierra’s or if it means your dog goes to the groomer more than you visit the salon, we love our dogs and will do what is necessary!

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