Help for a Torn Paw Pad- a Pack Mom Question

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Dana’s Paw


Pack Mom Jen P wrote: “Dana’s paw pad has a weird tear. It has not bled and she is using it fine. Although I did skip her walk. How can I help her torn paw pad to heal?”


1.  Clean and dry thoroughly.


2.  The all natural remedy would be to use coconut oil or a natural healing salve like the one offered by Halo Pets.

3.  Both products are perfectly safe if Dana were to lick but you might want to cover her paw with a sock if she begins to lick excessively.

4.  The goal is to keep the torn paw pad dry.  If you have bandaged the paw, change it every couple of days to let it breathe.

5.  When going outside, keep the paw covered with anything from a plastic bag to a pet boot.  Again, the drier the better.

6.  Or you can use a triple antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin or a similar product.

7.  If you notice signs of infection, go to the vet asap!!

Chico and Abe Ready to Walk

To protect paw pads this summer on hot pavement,  hikes or longer walks, check out our earlier post on paw pads!


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