Dog Park- Here I Come!

March 8, 2013 | By More


Dog Park- Photo by Andrew Carlton,

I am a fan of dog parks.  Or should I say that I am a fan of dog parks when well behaved dogs and watchful owners use them correctly.  It can be a great outlet for all.  Exercise and socialization for the dogs and a time for pet parents to mingle.  Actually, I know a few couples who met at the dog park and later married!  Dogs truly are an easy icebreaker!

I do wish though that more people would pick up after their dog and throw away trash at the dog park.  For this reason, another business owner and I decided to adopt the dog parks through the Keep Tampa Beautiful Program.

Basically, this means that I will be picking up pounds and pounds of dog poop.  Yes, I will also plan fundraisers, engage volunteers and work with our park district to keep the park clean and beautiful.  But, ultimately, it means lots of poop scooping!

Today was my first day “on the job” and I filled about half of a kitchen sized flexi garbage bag.  Not too bad!  This weekend I will bring out my painting clothes and paint the dog park kiosks.  Little does my mom know…. she will be recruited for this job too!

Our VERY ruff site is called  Please wish us luck.  We are definitely putting our best paw forward in this endeavor!

Is your dog a dog park regular?


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