Potty Training and the Fur Boys

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Potty Training and the Fur Boys

My husband and I are in the midst of potty training our almost two year old son. Every couple of hours we march him to the bathroom (promising stickers for a job well done) and stare at each other and him while he tries to make the magic happen.

It is a party every time. We sing, we laugh, we clap….it is so much fun in fact, that our two fur boys Abe and Chico want to take part. Each and every time we head down the hall to our tiny bathroom, I look behind me and here come the guys. They squeeze themselves in and there we are…all five of us.

Chico stretches his little body to reach my son’s face giving him congratulatory kisses for a job well done. Abe sits next to the toilet and gives high fives on demand. Can’t tell you how much I love these guys.  And my son is head over heels for them both.

Please don’t think it has always been a big kumbaya story though. It took months before Abe and Chico could tolerate each other…we lived with baby gates everywhere.  And then the baby came along.

Now, I watch the three of them like a hawk when they are together and I never let Sebastian spend time alone with Abe and/or Chico. This is for all of their safety.,.and my sanity.

Would love to hear your funny pet stories.  Bark back!



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