Dox-A-Palooza 8

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Chloe for Homecoming Queen

Chloe for Homecoming Queen

My husband, son and I loaded in the car on Saturday and drove to Lakeland, Florida to attend a big party for Dachshunds and the people who love them. Dox-A-Palooza 8 was held at the Sun-N-Fun Pavilion and was a true family affair.   My friend Alicia Duval, president of DARE (Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education) has thrown this party for years and I was finally, finally able to be there!

My love for Doxies runs deep you see.  In 7th grade, my family adopted our first “wiener” dog, Snickers.  She lived for 19 years and was the 9lb love of my life.  Now my parents have another Dachshund, Maggie May, and the love affair continues.

Jenn and Antonio- Recently adopted by Ken- Congratulations!

Jenn and Antonio- Recently adopted by Ken- Congratulations!

I was praying that Dox-A-Palooza and my friend Alicia would have a good turnout because it was raining cats and dogs.  The rain began around 8am and as we drove there at 12pm it had not relented.  But, the Doxie crowd is a good one and rain or shine, the party went on.

Dachshunds of every size, color and coat were represented and even a few welcomed interlopers were there too.


The Basset Hound

The agenda included a K9 unit demonstration, a kissing contest, Wiener races, a silent auction, live auction and more.  But the kissing contest was the funniest.  I have never seen so many people in a row getting kissed by their dogs….in the mouth!  Ha!

Lick a Lot

Lick a Lot

And, if you were wondering, dachshund EVERYTHING was available.  Even wine.  Yes, Dachshund Riesling.  If you are someone with whom I exchange Christmas gifts, you must know that a bottle might be in your stocking 🙂

Dachshund Wine

Dachshund Wine

Of course, while I ran around taking pictures and getting love from as many four leggers as possible, my son was trying his best to climb on the dog agility equipment and steal tennis balls from any unobservant hound.  I am sure we were loved by all 🙂

I  have marked my calendar for  next year, November 1, and will be there with my Mom and her precious Maggie May. Yes, Maggie will be in the wiener races and maybe even in the Lick a Lot contest.  Look out!

Congrats Alicia and the DARE volunteers!  Alicia Duval is also known as the mom of Forrest Gump & the Duval Dogs!  Follow the antics of this pack of Doxies on their Facebook page.  I promise you will love it!

~ Jenn






black dachsund


wiener eating a wiener

blue eyes


man and dog


dressed up

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