Adopt a Senior Pet from an Animal Shelter this Month

November 4, 2013 | By More

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Oh pack moms.  Both of my dogs are turning ten next year.  Abe, my animal shelter rescue, in March, and Chico, who was left tied to a fence at a baseball park, in April.  Of course part of me wishes that I could turn back the clock but the other, larger part of me cherishes them just as they are.

I love Abe’s routines which are so much a part of me and my family that when we are on a dog free vacation I miss them terribly.  And Chico’s constant effort to act like a Speedy Gonzalez…even though he has a compressed C2.

Animal Shelter- Senior Dogs- Abe and Chico

Senior dogs are my soft spot.  Whenever I meet one, my heart just skips an extra beat.  Their soulful eyes, their sometimes odd gate and of course their graying muzzles get me every time.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!  There are so many reasons to do so, but here are my top five:

1.  They Know the Ropes– Senior pets are normally house-broken, used to sleeping through the night and have a few manners under their belt. Just imagine, no middle of the night potty breaks, chewing of furniture or constant jumping.

2.  What You See is What You Get– Pets who have been around a few years have the personality they will have indefinitely.  They are unlike a puppy that matures,  develops and grows into their adult personality, temperament and behavior (sometimes there are a few surprises).
3.  Good at Giving Love– Although, all pets in need of rescue are grateful, senior pets are especially so once they adjust to their new home.  My most recent rescue is eight and a half and freely gives kisses to the whole family!
4.  Give You Your “Me” Time– Older pets aren’t as needy of your time as a younger dog.  They do have get up and go, but they like to relax and catch a few zzz’s of their own.  This alleviates you from having to entertain and engage them constantly.  This is great for pet parents who work longer hours.
5.  You are Saving a Life– Unfortunately, senior pets are often overlooked at shelters.  Over and over again families opt for the younger dog or cat who has so many more opportunities to find a loving home, and the senior pet is overlooked.  Choosing an older pet is truly saving a life.

Senior Dogs

The average sized pet is considered “senior” at the age of six or seven believe it or not.  So, often times, you will have many more years of love to look forward to!
Do you have a senior pet in your life?  If so, please tell me about them and send a picture!

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