PowerBark- A Meal on the Run for the Dog on the Go

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I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful new companies at the Total Pet Expo in September.  As we approach the holidays, I will  highlight a few of them so you can shop away!!

The folks at PowerBark were lovely.  It is a family run business and they have come up with an interesting concept for a meal replacement bar.  The bar is not meant to be your pet’s everyday nutritional answer, but that go to snack when you forget your pet’s food.  We have all been there I am sure.  It is perfect to use when you are exercising your dog and you want to give them a little extra fuel too.

I like it because:

– 100% complete and balanced

– easy to digest

– contains no wheat, corn or soy or perservatives

– portable and easy to store

Now you might ask, why is it vegetarian?  The founders of PowerBark formulated it this way intentionally.  They wanted a bar that was easy to digest and wouldn’t be a problem for dogs with meat protein sensitivities.  Smart!

Pack Moms- meet PowerBark!


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