Gasparilla Parties, Playtime and Pirates

January 30, 2013 | By More

Gasparilla – Jenn and Sebastian

Do you feel that your weekends are a blur?  I do.  This past weekend was no exception.  I love my hectic life.  At the same time, I long for just one morning to simply sip tea, cook if I feel like it and have a Food Network marathon as I snuggle with the dogs.  But alas, last weekend we had parties to plan, dogs to walk, parents in town and Gasparilla pirates to see.

Each year in Tampa, there is a big Gasparilla Parade complete with floats, bands, pirates and yes, gluttony.  The parade is held to commemorate the West Coast of Florida’s invasion of Jose Gaspare in the late 18th Century.  So, each year, my family and friends get together to eat far too much, enjoy mimosas and bloody mary’s and celebrate this occasion….even if it might be a Fairytale.

Gasparilla – Breakfast of Champions

We arose bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday to enjoy the Gasparilla boat invasion and parade!  If you live in Tampa, FL, you know this event can get a little crazy!  Thankfully, we participated in the kid friendly version.  We cheered during the children’s parade and hosted a breakfast and lunch for the boat invasion.  My son and the nine other “under five’s” had a great time, playing, laughing, catching beads and drinking a zillion juice boxes.

Gasparilla- Pirate Boat


And my fur boys Abe and Chico?  Well, I thought they would be more comfortable hanging out at my store since we were closed that day.  And boy was I right!  They found bags of treats I had planned to donate….tore into the them, ate to their hearts were content, and a few visits to the canine ” loo” later….they were perfect!  Abe certainly looked guilty didn’t he?

Gasparilla- Abe- Wearing a collar by Preston


Gasparilla- Chico- Wearing a collar by Preston

What is on your agenda this weekend Pack Moms?

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