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Tough Dog Toys- Diamond Plate Ball with Pugg

We have tested many toys that claim to be tough and an overall top contender again and again is Planet Dog’s Diamond Plate Orbee Tuff Ball.  It is in the league of tough dog toys that truly last.

Tough Dog Toys- Diamond Plate Ball

Planet Dog rates their toys on a scale of one to five chompers.  Five chompers being the toughest.  They call it their Chew-O-Meter rating.  Diamond Plate balls hail five out of five chompers and they have a terrific bounce, float in water and smell fragrantly of peppermint.  You will most definitely get your money’s worth out of these.  In fact, my dog Abe has had his orange Diamond Plate ball for well over one year!

During testing, the Diamond Plate consistently remained in one piece far longer than other similar products.

In fact, many Planet Dog  toys are ranked five out of five chompers.    For example, their original Orbee Tuff Orbee balls which come in a variety of colors and feature raised continents in contrasting colors are adorable.  They are super tough too but during  testing, some dogs chewed the continents right off!

Luckily, this did not affect the functionality of the balls and of course, all of Planet Dog’s toys are non toxic.

Tough Dog Toys- Orbee Tuff Orbee Ball

So, if you have a strong chewer, this just might be a toy you want to try.  No toy is indestructible and we always recommend keeping a close eye on your dog while he/she is playing with something new.

Bottom line is:  Have a ball!!

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