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Pack Mom Paige wrote in asking if I could recommend a high calorie canned dog food for a senior dog needing to gain a few lbs.  Well, typically senior dog foods (canned or kibble) contain less fat, protein and calories than regular adult dog food.  For this post, I have researched adult and all life stage formulas.

My first recommendation would be to rule out that your dog’s lack of weight gain is not due to a medical condition.  Partnering with your pet’s healthcare professional when you have questions regarding pet health, weight and major diet changes is the place to start.

Next, switch to a natural dog food if you aren’t already feeding one and give your dog’s system time to adjust. Dogs and cats usually absorb more of the nutrients and eliminate less when eating natural foods.  More in and less out.

Some foods are more calorie dense than others.  Many grain free varieties have higher calorie, fat and protein counts and could cause a dog to put on weight.

*I caution pet parents to be careful when feeding elderly dogs a diet with extremely high fat and protein counts.  On occasion, I have seen older dogs have liver issues and/or diarrhea when protein and fat contents are too high.  Some older dogs do just fine with these diets however.*

High Calorie Canned Dog Food

Here are a few canned natural dog food brands with higher calorie counts (450 or higher) in a 13oz can:

Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Varieties


Natures Variety Instinct

Non Grain Free

California Natural

Canidae All Life Stages

Natures Variety Prairie Non Stew

Wellness Supermix Varieties

If you would like to pack on the pounds using the same brand your dog has been eating, try using the puppy version which will have more calories, fat and protein.

As I was wrapping up this blog, I stumbled upon this pretty thorough list of canned food calories on PetFinder’s site.  This can help you manage calories in your pet’s diet and compare other diets as well.

Geez.  Wish I had this dilemma in my house.  Seems like I am always trying to keep Abe and Chico’s weight from going up!







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