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About ten years ago, my husband and I and our group of friends jumped on the poker bandwagon.  We would host or attend dinner parties and end many late nights with round after round of poker, all with a whopping $5 buy in.  I was always, without fail, the first one out of the game or the last one in because my favorite thing to do was go “all in.”

For all of the non poker players out there, “all in” means betting your every last penny on one single hand.  It was always exhilarating to me to put it all out there and lay all of my cards on the table so to speak.

I haven’t played poker in years but the other day the phrase “all in” came rushing back to me as I was playing with my son and the furboys.  We were dirty (from head to toe), sweaty and ridiculously happy from enjoying a rousing game of fetch in the backyard.  Dinner still had to be made, a blog had to be written and the piles of laundry well, let’s not even go there.  I was just totally in the moment and not a smartphone in sight!  Aha, I thought.  I am living life “all in.”

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Earlier that day, instead of being happy, I was sad.  Very sad.  I cried my eyes out with one of my long time customers as she told me the story of how her dog passed away the weekend before.  This was the second pet loss of the week and both times I lost it.  And, both times, I thought to myself should I be crying?  Maybe this person wants something different from me?  Maybe they need a strong shoulder, a wise word?  In the end, I just plain cried.  And you know what?  It was the right thing.  My customer and I related on a whole new level.

I have decided that life is about being “all in.”  Period.  For me anyway.  If I am with my dogs, son or husband, I am going to do my best to be totally checked IN.  Not checkING my Iphone every five minutes.  This, I have been extremely guilty of in the past.  And my son has said on occasion, “Mommy, no phone!”  Ugh.


I will continue to laugh until my belly hurts and embrace dirt, doggy drool and toddler messes.  I will continue to be the crazy mom pushing a stroller and walking two and sometimes three dogs around our neighborhood.  I will be the weird mom at the park who gets completely wet in the spray fountain with her kid.

I want to be the shoulder that someone needs and yes, cry my eyes out when I want to.  And, I want to always be kind.  Kinder than I want to be or think I can be.  I want to be “all in.”




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