Musical Beds- Kids and Pets- Welcome to My Life

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If you have pets or kids or kids and pets, you know that oftentimes a good night’s sleep is just a memory of what once was.  At least, this is the case in my home.   Musical beds is what I call it and in the end, everyone goes for the same one.  And, at 7am each morning, there is one distinct winner.

Here’s how it goes:

10pm:  Hubby and I are in bed.  Abe and Chico are tucked in their beds which are located on the floor.  And, our son, is sleeping soundly in his room.

kids and pets

12am:  Abe makes his way into our bed.  Chico and Sebastian still soundly asleep.

Kids and pets 2am:  Things start to get interesting.  Sebastian barges in and sleeps on a sleeping bag on the ground next to our bed.  Yes, my parents and my in-laws are mortified by this.

Musical beds

5am:  He made it.  Sebastian is now in our bed.  Sideways.

musical beds

6:30am:  Chico is stirring.  Makes his way into the bed and remains right by me of course.

musical beds

7:am:  That’s it!  I am up!  Everyone is up actually except for….Cristan.  He wins.  Lucky dog.

musical beds

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