Pack Mom Daily Bite: Choosing the Right Veterinarian

August 16, 2013 | By More


Yesterday I took Abe and Chico to the vet.  The same veterinary practice we have been frequenting for the past six or more years. I love them.  I think they love us too, although the usual scene is Chico scurrying for the exit as soon as we step in the door, shaking like a leaf, panting like he is going to have a heart attack and of course peeing on the table.  Oh, did I mention the muzzle?  He has to wear one so he doesn’t take a bite out of our sweet veterinarian or his techs.  I feel like a really good Pack Mom on these days. 🙂

From the staff at the front desk to the vet techs and of course the veterinarian himself, my choice in pet care is always reaffirmed after each visit.  I advocate for finding the right veterinarian for you and your furkids.  One that you are comfortable with and who loves your pets!

Here is the criteria I used when choosing:

1.  Down to earth and open to discussion–  The first time I visited my vet, Dr. Stuart Rosenburg, he immediately got on the floor with Abe and stayed there for our entire 45 minute visit.  He answered all of my questions, listened carefully to all of my neurotic research and was more than open to my more holistic approach and point of view.  He still does.

2.  Holistic approach– As mentioned above, being a pet blogger and having owned a natural pet market for 8.5 years, I always lean to the most natural approach possible.  Dr. Rosenburg’s practice is a traditional practice, but he is trained in acupuncture and eastern herbal therapies.  Both Abe and Chico have been “pinned” a time or two but only when Dr. Stu thinks it will be helpful.

3.  Rushing me out the door?  No way!– Our vet never rushes through an appointment.  Yes!  Very refreshing.  I am sensitive to his time and realize he is running a business of course.  But he always makes me feel like my dogs are his top priority.  Love that.

4.  Price sensitive– Now, I have been to vets that try to push products like crazy.  Dr. Stu isn’t like that, he gives options and is up front about cost.  Relief!  I am not looking for the cheapest pet care out there but do want to know what I am getting in to.

No matter if you visit a veterinary practice, your local Humane Society or low cost veterinary clinic in your area it is most important to feel comfortable asking questions and take your pet for yearly wellness exams.

How did you choose your veterinarian?  What do you find important?  

Dr. Rosenburg recently retired and yesterday Abe and Chico saw another vet in the practice.  We will continue to be committed to that group of vets as long as our experience remains the same. So far so good.

Side not:  I went prepared.  Chico wore a pheromone collar and had a dose of Licks for Dogs Zen.  Happy to report, he was much better, still muzzled, but the visit was pee free!!

~ Jenn



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