Pack Mom Daily Bite: How to Keep Your Dog From Being Stolen

July 9, 2013 | By More

Believe it or not, over two million pets are stolen a year and only about ten percent are ever actually returned.  When I learned this I was shocked.  Then I thought, well who would really want Abe or Chico 🙂  Or if they were taken, I am sure they would be returned asap.  I joke, but this is a serious and scary problem.

People are stealing dogs for a variety of reasons.  They sell them to labs for research, they sell them for a profit, they use them for fighting rings or worse…much worse.  Horrible.

To help keep your dog safe try the following:

1.  Make sure your dog has an i.d. tag and microchip.

2.  Always attend your dog when he is outside.

3.  Always keep your dog on leash when he is not in a fenced yard.

4.  If your dog must be outside unattended, make sure he is behind a 6ft locked fence.

5.  Make sure your dog is indoors when a repairman is scheduled.

Many people are using Craigslist to rehome their pets.  A warning to pass on to others:  there are people with very ill intentions perusing the pet section of Craigslist.

Hope this helps keep your precious pets safe!

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