Pack Mom Daily Bite: Leashes to Stop Dogs from Pulling

July 15, 2013 | By More

My dog Abe caused me to break my hand a number of years ago.  The only bone I have ever broken in my 39 years of life!  How?  I was walking him on a flexi lead and he decided to chase a cat at night.  The lead whizzed out, pulled me down to the sidewalk and voila…  One broken hand!  So, let’s talk about leashes to stop dogs from pulling.

Leashes have come a long way recently and some will actually help your chronic puller.  Here are my tips to get you down the block safely:

1.  If choosing a regular leash, opt for a leather leash.  Less give=more control.

2.  Shorter leashes are better.  Again, more control.  I like the SlackLine Leash by Ruffwear.

3.  If you must use a flexi type of leash, choose SmartLeash.  It provides shock absorbption, automatically stops when your dogs lunges and more.

4.  The latest leash on the market is the ThunderLeash and it does help stop pulling.  Check it out!

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