Pack Mom Daily Bite: Cure for the Smelly Dog Blues

July 16, 2013 | By More

Are you crying the blues Pack Moms? The smelly dog blues that is?  I know your dogs might be out and about a bit more this summer and they probably smell more ripe in between baths than you would like!  My furboys, Abe and Chico have their share of odors but I do try my hardest to make sure they smell like little petunias as much as possible.  Here are my tips on how to keep a dog from smelling in between baths:

1.  Feed a healthy diet.  I do notice that certain foods make my boys smellier than other foods seem to.  So, I stick to the healthiest diet possible and steer clear from the diets that cause them flatulence or an increased doggy odor.

2.  Brushing regularly- especially for Abe- tends to keep down the smell.  Brushing eliminates dead skin and hair which can lead to bacteria build up.

3.  Using deodorizing conditioners between baths helps immensely.  Which is a win win.  Pleasant smelling AND soft/shiny coat.

4.  Cleaning their ears a few times a week cuts down yeast and eliminates that funky ear odor.

5.  Breath- using a liquid H2O additive daily helps my boys maintain pleasant breath.  They also get chews regularly and I try my best to use a dental gel around their gums when they let me 🙂  I use the brand TropiClean regularly and so far so good.  Abe has had only one dental cleaning in his nine years of life!

Let me know how you keep your dog smelling like a rose in between baths.  Would love to know what works for you!



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