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July 22, 2013 | By More

My dog Abe is an avid sniffer, roller, stopper and yes, puller on our walks.  My husband calls him “grease lightning” because he is anything but.  We have tried all forms of harnesses and collars to help get us through our 4+ miles each day with Mr. Abe.  Let’s just say that some have been more successful than others.  Recently, I filmed a segment for on leashes to stop dogs from pulling and tried my hand with the ThunderLeash.  Since then, I have used the ThunderLeash with Abe every single day and our walks have gotten better and better.

Watch our video blog on leashes here.

ThunderLeash is made by the company ThunderWorks- maker of ThunderLeash, ThunderShirt, ThunderTreat, ThunderToy and ThunderCap.  All products developed to ease pet anxiety.  Their first and most popular product is the ThunderShirt which many of you may have at home.

To use the ThunderLeash, you simply attach the leash to your dog’s collar as you would do with any other leash.  Then, you wrap the leash around your dog’s torso, just behind the front legs.  Finally, slip the leash into the harness slot at the top.  So simple.  When your dog begins to pull, the ThunderLeash applies gentle pressure around the torso which curbs the this bad habit.

We gave the ThunderLeash Pack Mom Approval for the following reasons:

  • Easy to use (especially while pushing a stroller and walking two dogs at the same time)
  • All in one leash/harness combo eliminates the need for an extra harness
  • Minimal size adjustments necessary
  • Modifies pulling quickly and gently
  • No “Houdini’s”- Dog can’t wiggle his way out of the ThunderLeash
  • Sturdy material
  • Comfortable handle
  • Manageable price point

Don’t get me wrong…Abe still tries to do his own thing.  The ThunderLeash however gives me more control and helps me manage Abe’s behavior with less effort.

Have you tried the ThunderLeash?  If so, give us your feedback!


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