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I am happy to reintroduce you to my friend Andrew Mellen.  He is an organizer extraordinaire and his motto:  “More Love Less Stuff” will help us simplify our home and life.  Andrew sent me a great article on organizing tips for pet lovers.  I found it helpful and easy to implement.  I hope you do to.   Andrew’s article is broken up into two parts and I will share part 2 tomorrow!

Here’s what Andrew has to say about organizing our furkids “stuff”:

It’s no surprise that if you tend to accumulate stuff, it’s likely your pet will as well.   And since Fido or Fluffy or Spike isn’t going to pick up after her/himself, we’re going to kill two birds with one stone—figuratively speaking, of course!

By getting and staying organized, you’ll reduce your stress and increase your free time. Not to mention that a major side benefit of being an organized pet lover means anything not intended to be a pet toy (like shoes) stays well beyond a pet’s reach.

Likewise, keeping surfaces clear of anything small and valuable (like jewelry) means that jumping pets don’t eat, play with or hide your precious objects. See, it wasn’t the maid or that sketchy “friend” after all.

If you live in a smaller home, storage space is at a premium. Check out less-used spaces like under the stairs, in an attic, basement or even a closet as a potential home for surplus supplies. Vertical space on the walls can also house things that might otherwise end up in a pile on the floor.

NOTE: I don’t love the term “pet owner” since assuming responsibility for a companion animal doesn’t makes that animal your property. Since language has tremendous power to influence our thoughts, feelings and behavior, let’s be as thoughtful as we can with how we speak about living things in our care. It may even influence how we think about the inanimate objects in our lives as well.

Tomorrow’s tips and suggestions should help you be a better steward AND companion to your friends, whether they have feet, paws, wings, scales or fins!



Thanks Andrew!!   ~Jenn


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