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July 29, 2013 | By More

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Abe has a confession to make, he likes to dress up!  This handsome nine year old still gets excited when he wears a new collar, his flower costume or shows off his bow tie.  So cute.

Since he is large and we live in steamy Florida, there really is no need for clothes on Mr. Abe.  Many pet parents however love to dress up their dogs and cats (yes, have seen this with my own eyes) on occasion.  And, pets who live in colder climates have more of a reason to do so.

Here’s a dog clothing guide to get you on the road to a properly dressed pooch!

  • Measure your dog’s chest, neck and back length
  • Realize that companies differ in their size recommendations
  • Make sure that the outfit is not too constricting
  • Ensure that the shirt or outfit leaves room for your pooch to do his “business”
  • If your pet doesn’t like to dress up don’t make him 🙂
  • If it is warm outside, clothes should only be worn for short amounts of time
  • To put on a shirt, gently pull over the head and then insert one arm at a time
  • To put on a vest or life jacket, place on the bag, secure around neck and belly

Have fun and send us your pet’s best dressed pictures!

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