Sarasota Jungle Gardens- Parrots, Flamingos & Gators- Oh My!

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I loaded my son Sebastian into the car yesterday morning, bid adieu to my husband and the furboys and headed south to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.  Typically, zoos are not my favorite place to go.  But this 10 acres of sprawling botanical gardens is home to hundreds of animals, 95% of whom are rescued.

We held a baby gator!  Sargent was his name and he felt very different from what I expected.  Drier really.  Not slimy or cold at all.

The flamingos were beautiful and walked right up to us and ate out of our hand.

A few of our favorite things included the bird show, reptile show and meeting a few birds of prey.  Loved the owl, kookaburra and strength of the red tailed hawk.  Did you know that a hawk’s vision is binocular.  Super cool.

We learned a so much yesterday.  Like, the fact that prairie dogs used to rule the west but today have less than 2% of their range.  Or that one of the resident bird talents is 77  years old and his claim to fame was being on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Great day with Sebastian even though he wasn’t quite sure about touching the snake or alligator.  It was an exciting day to learn more about wild life and to see a team of staff who cared so lovingly for the animals.  Thanks Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

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