Pack Mom Daily Bite: Protect Your Dog from Animals in the Backyard

June 25, 2013 | By More

It’s summertime and most likely our dogs are spending more time outdoors. Abe and Chico are constantly wanting to be outside and if they had their way, I would have my doors open 24/7 letting in the 90+ degree heat. They also like to roam the backyard at night…and not come in when I call them. Hmm. Other animals like to roam yards too, especially at night. The best way to protect your dog from animals in the backyard is to be with them outdoors and have them within a safe distance. There are other ways to deter animals from entering your yard as well.

Tips to Protect Your Dog from Animals in the Backyard

1. Fence your yard or at least the area where your pet roams the most. A 6ft fence is best.

2. Make sure all trash and debris are thrown away in a tightly sealed bin or container.

3. Keep your yard trimmed, mowed and bushes cut back. This gives wild animals less places to hide.

4. Ensure all outdoor storage facilities are sealed and roofs are intact.

5. Never feed your pet outside. Only give water and lots of that!

6. If dogs need to go outside at night, always take them out on a leash.

How do you keep your pet safe in your backyard? Would love to learn your tips!



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