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Candace Rose Anderson:

Pack Mom, Journalist, Photographer

Candace and Francesca

About Candace:

At 10 years old, Candi already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.  A journalist!  Her path remained crystal clear and when she graduated with a degree in Mass Communications she quickly landed internships at two top Sacramento news stations. In 2009 she jumped into the blogosphere and launched her blog Candace Rose.  Now, Candi spends her days interviewing top celebrities and trusted experts and shares what she learns with her fans.

A family person at heart, Candi spends much of her time caring for her pack which includes her elderly grandmother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her four dogs.  Her passion?   Photography.   Her favorite subjects?  Flowers, nature and pets.   Candi especially loves snapping pictures of her four dogs, and says her Weimaraner, Freddy, is her muse.  Take a look at some of her beautiful shots here  She really has mad skills!



Q&A with Candace

PM:  Who’s in your pack?

Candace: I love my pack! I have a lovable yellow lab we rescued named Lucy, a goofy yet highly intelligent Weimaraner named Freddy, a feisty Yorkie named Francesca, and a cute terrier mix we rescued off the side of a country road named Calvin.

PM:  What are your favorite pack activities?

Candace: Lots and lots of walks.

PM: What’s in their bowl?

Candace:  Diamond brand dog food.

PM:  What is in your purse right now?

Candace:  Surprisingly clean!  A wallet, car keys, gum, lip gloss.

PM:  What is on your iPad/iPod?

Candace:  I just bought some new songs by Eric Church, Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert, so they’re getting the most play right now!


PM:  How do you balance it all?

Candace:  I spend time with my wonderful family! I enjoy gardening and playing with my dogs. 🙂

PM:  Any words of wisdom for other pack moms?

Candace:  Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible. St. Francis of Assissi


Thanks Candace!  That is one of our favorite quotes too!  Thanks for the great pictures of you and your pack!  Look forward to keeping up on lifestyle trends via Candace Rose!


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