Pack Mom Daily Bite: How to Stop Your Dog from Tipping Food Bowls

June 28, 2013 | By More



My dogs are usually pretty good about not tipping their food bowls.  Lifting the lid to our garbage can and making a mess however is another story.  To Abe’s relief, I am saving that topic for another blog.  Here are a few tips to stop your dog from tipping food bowls:

1.  Keep a towel underneath the bowls while training to soak up any spills.

2.  Feed only twice a day and put a time limit on their meals.  Once the time limit is up, pick up their bowls.

3.  Try heavier bottomed bowls with a rubber surround.  Bowls that are angled towards the ground usually help minimize tipping as well.

4.  Still having problems?  Add a heavy can, rock or metal ball into the middle of their food bowl to weight it down.  This tip serves two purposes.  Stops the tipping and slows the eating.

Happy feeding!


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