Pack Mom Daily Bite: How to Make a Puppy Feel Secure in a Car

July 2, 2013 | By More

Travel season is well underway and many pet parents are hitting the road with their dogs in tow!  We filmed a segment for a couple of months ago talking about how to make a puppy feel secure in a car.  Since my boys are seniors, I had my friend Rock with me.  He is a 5 month old puppy and needless to say…he was W I L D.  I tried to make the segment look easy…but he was a handful.  By the end of filming, I was far more than “dewey!”

Important topic.  Dogs should travel wearing a car harness and buckled in or in a crate in the back.  Over 80% of pets travel these days and according to, a 60lb pet can become a 2,700 pound projectile in an accident at 35 mph.  A few things you will want to take on the trip:

1.  Water, and lots of it.  Make sure to have a travel friendly water bowl handy.

2.  Toys- some of their favorites.

3.  Chew treat- bring a safe treat that lasts a while.

4.  Blanket- his favorite from home.

5.  Medical records- you might need these to check in to your hotel or campsite.

6.  Natural anti anxiety remedy such as Rescue Remedy or Zen from Licks for Dogs  if your dog is a nervous traveler.


Abe, Chico and our son Sebastian took a mini road trip with us a few weeks ago and they made me laugh the entire ride.  Chico continued to photo bomb whenever he was out of his crate and Abe- well he and Sebastian snored.

If you need information on pet friendly travel locations or help planning your trip, sites like Go Pet Friendly make it easy!  Be safe out there and happy travels!  Send us pictures from the road!


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