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January 28, 2014 | By More

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Mail delivery has gone to the dogs! And, in this case, cats too! A few weeks ago, we were contacted by PetBox and asked to write a review on their monthly pet goody box service. We were more than happy to oblige.

We returned from our walk one morning and there it was on our doorstep.  The boys’ noses immediately began sniffing in overdrive.  Even my little human was excited to have a “present” on the doorstep.

PetBox sent my guys, Abe and Chico, their very own box filled with goodies. Let me just say, they were eager to tear open the box and the begging hasn’t stopped since.

The boys know where the PetBox items are stored and frequently can be found staring at the cabinet emitting a low, glutteral, whiiiinnnneee.


So, how does it work? When you visit, you will:  1.  identify if you have a dog, cat or both, 2.  your pet’s name, 3.  birth date, 4,  decide if you would like to pick their box items or let it be a surprise and 5.  pick a plan (one time delivery, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months).  Make your payment, hit send and voila: in just a few days your pet will receive their package!

Abe and Chico’s box contained the following yummy (so they tell me) items:

Earth Heart Canine Calm
Pet Emergency Sticker
Healthy Dogma Treats
In Clover Skin & Coat Supplements
Aussie Naturals Duck Toy
Novi Pet Multi Vitamin
The Honest Kitchen Smoochers

KONG Premium Treats

PetBox is Pack Mom Approved because:

– There is a cat box!
– Ability to choose items
– Ships next day
– The site is super easy to use
– High quality product selection (and we want to see more!)
– Good way to learn about new products and companies

We would like to see:

– A wider selection (off to a great start though!)
– A way to have two dogs or two cats per box. Or a discount for multiple pet boxes
– Links to product websites
– A clear Made in the USA label in the product description if in fact it is USA made

Thank you PetBox for our complimentary goody box and for the opportunity to share your information with our readers!


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