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June 12, 2013 | By More


Abe and Chico are feasting on freeze dried dog food this month and so far, they are loving it.  If you have read my prior blogs you probably know that I rotate their food monthly.  Once they finish a batch of one meat filled creation, they move on to something new and different.  They eat everything from grain free kibble, to raw food, to dehydrated food and now, freeze dried- which is the closest thing to feeding raw without the mess!  Oh yeah, and sometimes  a can of Merrick Pet Food is thrown in the mix.

I wholeheartedly believe that keeping things interesting in the food bowl helps their digestive systems remain alert and functioning at full capacity.

I chose Sojos Turkey Complete Dog Food this time around and next will be Oracle by Dr. Harvey.  Here is what I like about it:

1.  It smells good!  Finally, a food that smells delicious even to me, an average human.

2.  It has moderate levels of fat, protein and calories which is a great thing for my senior gentlemen.

3.  Nice consistency and easy to mix.  Simply scoop, soak in water for at least 15 minutes and serve.

4.  Freeze dried dog food is great to have with you on a trip.  No bulky cans or less than fragrant dry food.

5.  USDA grade turkey is used in the Sojos formula.

6.  Abe and Chico have perfect stools!

One bit of advice– mix ahead of time!  The directions say 15 minutes is the minimum soaking time but my dogs thought this wait was in line with getting their anal glands expressed.   I learned quickly though and make two servings at a time and put it in the refrigerator.  The food re-hydrates (expands) far more overnight than it does in 15 minutes so it tends to go a bit further serving for serving.

Definitely worth trying even as a topper to your dog or cat’s current meal.  My only additional step now is to make sure I label my dogs’ food in the refrigerator so our babysitter doesn’t feed it to our son!


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